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Even Brænne Olstad

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture (2013)

Even is a Norwegian name. This Norwegian lives in Denmark.
After growing up in Oslo – and apart from a few short stints in Beijing and New York - this particular Norwegian has spent his grown years in Copenhagen, where he was trained, and now works, as an architect.

Even has worked as a competition architect, as a team leader and as an intern, and is one of those rare architects who actually loves to write.
He has written for the Danish trade publication Arkitekten, as well as the Norwegian Army website and the Danish tween girl fashion magazine “Girls”.
He is currently working on a book about the late, great architect Hans Christian Hansen.  

Sometimes he casts things in plaster.

Ways to strike up a conversation with Even:
- Ask about his time on Norwegian reality TV
- Wonder aloud
- Mention own feelings of ineptitude