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Ann Christiansen

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art School of Architecture (2008)

In 2008, Ann graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School Of Architecture.  She has worked at a number of offices including Entasis and Norrøn, and also returned to the Royal Academy as a studio instructor.  Her core skills include research, design and presentation of projects, and she has experience in all phases of the design process.

It is important to Ann to keep learning and to develop her knowledge on architecture as well as other things that interest her.  For example, she has recently participated in a course on Superheros, and, together with another collaborator, Ann is making cider foraged from apple trees in the parks of Copenhagen. The cider is called Wild At Heart, and the aim is to expand the project to new and exciting orchards across the region and in strangers' backyards.

Being a part of Greater Scandinavia is, for Ann, an opportunity to be a part of a creative group, which is inspiring to work and develop new ideas with, but it is also a group that can achieve exceptional solutions by utilizing each others' strengths and talents.